At Invest Victoria, we aim to make your investment journey easy.

We work with a range of partners who can provide services and advice to help you establish and expand your business in Victoria.

Our advisory network is a compiled list of reputable service providers and organisations who have the experience and capabilities required to help international companies and investors find success in Victoria.

Invest Victoria is the State Government of Victoria's investment attraction agency, fostering long-term economic prosperity by enabling business opportunities and job creation for Victoria.

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About Invest Victoria

Invest Victoria is the State Government of Victoria's investment attraction agency, fostering long term economic prosperity by enabling business opportunities and job creation for Victoria.

We support global companies expand their operations and grow their business in Australia and the broader Asia Pacific. 

We take a holistic approach to helping clients achieve their investment objectives, working proactively with them to bridge the gap between investor and the APAC market.

What we offer

At Invest Victoria, we offer investors a range of free professional services and support, including:

  • Business case proposal development, provision of information on market entry, potential, and competition, research and development capabilities, labour market skills and talent, and cost of doing business;
  • Introductions to potential clients and partners, industry contact and local suppliers;
  • Fulfilling property requirements, including free confidential site identification and facilitation of planning and regulatory approvals;
  • Accessing assistance at all levels of government, including financial assistance to attract strategic investments to the state;
  • Ongoing provision of investor support, locally and globally, through Invest Victoria's extensive network of overseas officers.

Join Investor Advisory Network

Invest Victoria invites relevant organisations to join Invest Advisory Network on a quarterly basis. 

Interested partners could express interest and submit an application to

Your organisation is required to provide in its submission the following details:

  • Organisation details, background, and capabilities;
  • Two key contacts who will manage your organisation’s profile management;
  • Demonstration of your organisation’s activities in international investment activities and clients – provide examples of recent references and projects presented to Invest Victoria;
  • Strategic alignment of your organisation with Invest Victoria’s objectives; and
  • Why your organisation complements Invest Victoria Advisory Network platform.

Only shortlisted organisations will be contacted for evalution by Invest Victoria (The evaluation could include the request of regulatory and quality insurance documents).   

 Invest Victoria Advisory Network Disclaimer
The Invest Victoria Advisory Network is provided for general information purposes only.
The Victorian Government will take reasonable steps to ensure the information in the Invest Victoria Advisory Network is accurate, however, the Victorian Government makes no representation, warranty or claim of any kind (express or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability, with respect to the information.
The Victorian Government does not accept any liability to any person for the information or the use of such information, which is provided in the Invest Victoria Advisory Network or incorporated into it by reference.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Victorian Government disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in contract, tort or negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs that may be incurred by any organisation relying on the contents of the Invest Victoria Advisory Network.
The Invest Victoria Advisory Network is not intended to be an exclusive or comprehensive list of service providers through which services may be purchased. Organisations may engage other service providers in accordance with their preferences.
Organisations included in the Invest Victoria Advisory Network platform, as well as organisations and individuals using the platform to connect and receive advice, are consenting to sharing their information and contact details and accepting to be contacted by Invest Victoria.