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Radium Capital is Australia’s market leader in R&D financing. We were formed by entrepreneurs; for entrepreneurs. That’s why we don’t think like a bank!

We believe businesses with R&D should have access to capital when they need it. So we created the Radium Advance to enable businesses to unlock their tax refunds sooner.

If you are eligible for the Federal Government’s RDTI, you are eligible to apply for a Radium Advance.

Through Radium Advances we provide quick, easy and early access to up to 80% of your expected R&D tax incentive refund - in just a few business days. There are no upfront fees or repayments until you receive your tax refund.

We are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes grow and thrive with our smart capital solutions.

Why work with us

At Radium Capital, we operate nationally and assist businesses of all sizes, from every state and territory, to scale their R&D programs. From mining and manufacturing to healthcare and social assistance, Radium Advances are making a difference.

Our R&D financing solutions offer:

  • Simple eligibility criteria
  • Fast and efficient online processes
  • Loan decisioning within 48 hours and funds deployed within 72 hours of loan documentation signing
  • A reliable and affordable source of finance
  • Access to financing for businesses of all sizes

Radium Advances are available as a one-off cash injection, or can be used strategically throughout the year to smooth cash flow. The more you use Radium Advances, the more your R&D can benefit. For example, if you advance your R&D refund quarterly, for the same expenditure, you can;

  • boost your R&D spend by 50% or reduce your outlay by 33%
  • reinvest up to 150% of R&D expenditure back into R&D

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Advanced Manufacturing
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Projects or Case studies (4)

Harnessing nature the scientific way


In 2020, SSW Dairy launched a new, science-based blueprint for organic dairy farming to deliver positive outcomes for farmers, consumers and the environment. Initially, SSW Dairy raised some equity but quickly found that as a new start-up traditional sources of debt financing were not available to help drive their R&D forward. Once SSW Dairy discovered that being eligible to apply for the RDTI meant it was eligible to apply for a Radium Advance, everything changed. One year and one pandemic later, SSW Dairy is already selling milk to Fonterra for Bellamy’s organic infant formula, while its research is uncovering valuable insights into soil and animal health. Read the case study to find out how, thanks to Radium Advances, SSW Dairy were able to fully fund their R&D activities in their first financial year.

How Linecrest created a high-tech mining revolution


In a world first, Linecrest successfully adapted a Steinert ore sorting machine, previously used on diamonds and gold, to beneficiate waste iron ore. Linecrest’s early testing found it could increase the concentration of iron ore in the stockpiles from 35-40% to 60-61%. This meant the business could transform a waste product into an economically viable one; and tackle an environmental eyesore at the same time. Linecrest’s plans soon hit a snag. The innovative business is privately-owned. This made it hard to raise enough equity and loan capital to cover the $15 million investment in plant and equipment the business needed. By accessing monthly Radium Advances, which Linecrest 100% reinvests back into R&D programs, Linecrest is not only putting NT back on the map for mining, it is creating a hi-tech revolution that’s already yielding significant, socio-economic and environmental benefits.

How Recce Pharmaceuticals boosted its R&D spend by a third without raising extra capital


When Sydney-based biotech, Recce Pharmaceuticals wanted to scale up manufacturing of its antibiotics for future supply to markets worldwide, Executive Director James Graham couldn’t risk it costing his business the earth. Recce has been ASX listed since 2016 and had already made major capital commitments by synthesising and patenting a new generation of antibiotics to cure patients of deadly superbug infections. But Recce’s success through this world-class innovation was becoming a double-edged sword. Cash-flow pressures were threatening to hamper its ability to enter the next phase of its growth trajectory; crucial for its patented synthetic antibiotics to be approved for use in humans. Read how Recce used Radium Advances for a non-dilutionary capital injection.

Unlocking the commercial value of voice


For over 10 years, iCommand has been a leader in the field of voice interaction. Now its latest product, a voice-activated video learning platform called 101Pro™, enables brands to deliver instructional and training content in a unique format. After successfully raising seed funding and making a strong start with its R&D, iCommand struggled to find consistent capital to maintain its cash flow. The business discovered that traditional lenders did not understand or cater for start-ups. Then iCommand heard about Radium Capital. In this case study find out how by accessing Radium Advances every quarter, iCommand not only stabilised its cash flow but also became more attractive to investors and other sources of funding.


Tim Hynes

Tim Hynes

State Manager - Victoria & Tasmania