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Government agency Flanders Investment & Trade promotes a sustainable economic development by supporting the international activities of Flemish companies, facilitating joint international projects and attracting foreign investors to Flanders (Northern Region of Belgium).

Flemish entities and foreign companies doing business with Flanders can count on a vast global network of FIT offices (96 in 72 countries), with FIT Melbourne looking after the Australian market.

Why work with us

Flanders is a pole of attraction, thanks to its central location in Europe, strongly developed infrastructure and innovative clusters. Innovation is part of the fabric of Flanders, where fertile cross-pollination occurs between the private, public and academic sectors.

As one of the more efficient gateways to Europe (thanks also to the Port of Antwerp), Flanders is experienced to operate and collaborate with foreign-based companies and organizations, that can benefit from dedicated services and facilitations.

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Luca Bottallo

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